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After 27 years in the Real Estate business, you'd think "I had seen it all!" I remember very clearly asking my Broker after six months in the industry, "So, when do things begin to repeat?"  His answer: "In Real Estate, things NEVER repeat!"


As far as scenarios go, every day is fresh and new.  As for knowledge and skill, it is sharpened and honed with each new experience!  What a great gift to be in an industry that offers new people and places constantly; where the bar is consistently being raised for professionals.  


My business has had plenty of time to give me many dear "recycled" clients and great referrals, as well.  Residential sales is my specialty.  And, whether you are Selling or Buying, I will work diligently to get you where you need / want to be, unscathed.








Deb Johnson

Realty Associates of Atlanta

3350 Northlake Parkway

Atlanta, GA 30345

c: 404-597-2669

0: 404-235-8900

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